The North American Data Documentation Initiative Conference (NADDI) is an opportunity for those using metadata standards and those interested in learning more to come together and learn from each other. Modeled on the successful European DDI User Conference, NADDI is a two day conference with invited and contributed presentations, and should be of interest to both researchers and data professionals in the social sciences and other disciplines. A full day of training sessions precede the conference.

Data Documentation Initiative (DDI)

The Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) is an open metadata standard for describing data and data collection activities. DDI's principal goal is making research metadata machine-actionable. The specification can document and manage different stages of data lifecycles, such as conceptualization, collection, processing, analysis, distribution, discovery, repurposing, and archiving.

Past Sponsors

NADDI 2019. Ottawa, Canada

Benefits of Describing Statistical Production and Variables.

NADDI 2018. Washington D.C.

Benefits of Describing National Statistics with Common Standards.

NADDI 2017. Ithaca, New York.

Metadata Across the Research Data Lifecycle.

NADDI 2016. Edmonton, Alberta.

Document, Discover, and Interoperate.

NADDI 2015. Madison, Wisconsin.

Research Data Management: Enhancing Discoverability with Open Metadata Standards.

NADDI 2014. Vancouver, British Columbia.

Documenting Reproducible Research.

NADDI 2013. Lawrence, Kansas.

Use of DDI by individual research teams through the data lifecycle.

A wonderful city. A wonderful conference.